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Global Naval Powers Ranking (2024)

Current ranking of the various naval services of the world provided by WDMMW.

The WDMMW annual ranking utilizes a formula which takes into account values related to total fighting strength of the various naval services of the world. The formula produces the 'TrueValueRating' (TvR) helping to definitively separate each power based on - not only overall strength - but modernization, logistical support, attack and defense capabilities an so on. In this way, a power is not simply assessed on its total quantity of warships and submarines but rather its quality and general mix of inventory. Beyond this is a focus on local shipyard capabilities, inventory balance (general mix of unit types), and force experience.

The highest attainable TvR score is 323.9 currently held by the United States Navy (USN ). This is because the USN features a broad mix of warship and submarine types as well as balance strengthened by overall numbers (quantity) - pulling ahead by its vaunted carrier fleet. Many of its products are locally-sourced thanks to the U.S.'s massive industrial base.

The current WDMMW inventory consists of 39 countries tracked, 39 individual naval services covered, and 3,026 total individual units followed.
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